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Her Message

With deep pain in my heart, I keep asking the question.
Why Female genital cutting??? Some say to save a girls Purity before marriage and curb her sexual desires.
What a wrong perception!!! “you won’t feel any pain ” so they tell the young girls, But after this terrible act, these girls are left to suffer alone in pain.
The saddest thing is that some parents even coerce their girls into undergoing this terrible act.
So I ask.. What is left for these girls?
Who shall deliver them? The answer to this is no one is to be left out in the fight against Female genital mutilation (FGM). To eradicate FGM, a multi -sectoral approach is required coupled with health information campaign.
This includes efforts of supporting government, cooperation with key actors such as Religious or Traditional Leaders, medical staff or teachers whose special standing in the society means that they can influence change in behavior.
Religious leaders are involved in all aspects of social, cultural, economic and political issues of their own local communities however, they must first be instilled with trustworthiness and sustainable behavioral change against FGM before they can start convincing others.
Religious leaders can contribute their own quota to end FGM by
? Testify against FGM, by establishing the fact that it’s not a commandment from God. ? Motivating and educating their followers not to adopt FGM
? Share messages about the benefits of not cutting female genitals and the risk of FGM
?speak out for children who are being coerced into practicing FGM
? serving as role models by not adopting FGM and also preventing their wives and daughters from practicing the act.
Religious leaders are well placed to add their moral and spiritual leadership to the local and global effort to save lives. By also joining the movement to put an end to FGM, the desired outcome is guaranteed.