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As we try to end the practice of FGM/C, there has been a lot of concern over the trend of replacing traditional circumcisers with medical professionals.

The World Health Organization defines medicalisation as a “situation in which FGM is practiced by any category of healthcare provider, whether in a public or private clinic, at home, or elsewhere”. In my own opinion Medical proffesionals should lead the campaign to end FGM/C. Doctors, nurses, midwives or other health professionals should be involved to lead this campaign because of the large influence they carry especially in the eyes of their clients and subjects and in a bid to address Medicalization of FGM/C

Medicalization of FGM/C is mostly carried out by nurses, trained midwives and other trained healthcare professionals. Perhaps these group if engaged effectively will make the greatest impact in this campaign since they come in contact constantly with mothers both during ante-natal and post-natal periods. Their efforts will help to reduce or prevent new cases of FGM/C in our society.

The intent of medicalization of FGM/C may have been to reduce potential health risks of what is perceived to be an unavoidable practice.

This is simply wrong.
FGM/C has no medical benefit.
FGM/C is harmfull.
FGM/C violates the rights of our women and girls.
Lets end FGM/C and save our women and girls from harm/danger.
Professional medical bodies need to ensure that information regarding the medical and social consequences of FGM/C are included in medical schools’ curriculums and medial doctors’ on-the-job training programmes.

With respect to the high prevalence of FGM and its medicalization which is a violation of the rights of women and girls, Medical proffessionals should in accordance with the commitment to the ethics of medical practice champion the end FGM/C campaign to reduce the prevalence of the medicalization of FGM/C and its harmful consequences.