The twist, simplicity, and the suspense entrenched in her message made her the 7th monthly winner of the Frown Challenge. She has her ticket to the #frownawards. She will also be trained as a social media advocate for FGM/C abandonment by UNICEF. Congratulations @symply_ola .


symply_ola“I am a divorcee, with two children. Went for a women’s fellowship on a certain day and towards the end of that meeting, there was a mini sex education class where different women shared their stories on sexual satisfactions they share with their husbands. Because I was too shy to speak about myself and how I had no idea of such feelings / satisfactions I shut my mouth and listened to their stories.
While some had some experience stories to tell, I had none cos I felt it was my husband’s fault that I couldn’t feel same way or even have an idea of what female orgasm felt like. So, I decided to go and search for this feeling from having multiple sexual partners. This went on, but I never got this feeling. Little did I know that I could never have this feeling because I was MUTILATED and it’s for same reasons I had severe pains and complications during child birth. My husband divorced me, cos he complained I was promiscuous, and couldn’t stand his wife having multiple sexual partners whilst I’m married to him “. This is a survivors story, I met her just at the point where she felt it was all over with her, cos she never knew what next to do.
Out of the many reasons, You mutilate her cos you feel you want to control her sexuality, prevent her from being promiscuous but at the end, You increase promiscuity in her in the nearest future. In the bid of doing good to her, you end up hurting her. But THE ACTUAL GOOD IS IN NOT CUTTING HER!.

Stop cutting her cos Female Genital Mutilation does not in any way curb promiscuity. It has no benefit and we must say No To FGM. @endcuttinggirls #frownchallenge #endcuttinggirls



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