@yjolomioguntosin is our 6th monthly winner of the fast growing #FrownChallenge .

Again we have had a winner who has participated 3 times. We really thank her for believing in us and trusting the process. We now have 6 out of 12 winners that will contend at the grand finale come 21/07/2018.

Congratulations ! @yjolomioguntosin Thank you so much for not giving up. We will contact you shortly. Welcome to the UNICEF powered training as a Social Media Advocate against FGM/C.

@endcuttinggirls is hopeful of a male winner before the end of season 1. Together, we will end FGM/C in this generation. #endcuttinggirls



I think deeply about it
There is no single benefit
It adds no value
It leaves us in pain
They say it’s for purity
They say it’s a passage to womanhood
It’s takes a lot from us
it endangers our lives
The cutting adds nothing but takes all
A new year is approaching
A lot of changes has to occur
We have to save our girls
We have to join hands and help
Let’s take a stand
The cutting is of no use
Close to millions are victims every year
It leads to lots of complications
In the process lots die
They die with lots of talents that can change the world
Female genital mutilation must be brought to halt
We all can do this
Say no to female genital mutilation