Have you longed to participate in our conferences but you are not always able to join on twitter due to some reasons?

Have you been participating and would also love a conference on another social media platform?

Have you argued this topic on the E~poster before now or would want to know if FGM/C really curb promiscuity?

Then you are certainly going to get quick answers to all that on Tuesday by 5pm on Facebook. To participate;

  1. Like this page to follow endcuttinggirls on Facebook.
  2. Type “Tag me” on the comment section so you will be tagged on that day.
  3. We might experience difficult tagging everyone on the said date and time but we urge everyone to follow the conference through the comment section as we will mention your names on the comment section before commencement.
  4. Share this post with friends to enable them participate.

P.S: “Kindly invite your friends before the conference, as invitation during conference may disrupt the conversation, Thank you”.

See you there!