That it is commonly done in your area and process executed by your older acquaintances doesn’t make right.

That you passed through it, felt the pain and never had any complications isn’t a reason why your daughter should pass through same procedure.

Her consistent whaling and demeanor after the act revealed her pain,  hurt and anger against her ‘cutter’.

You couldn’t behold her sight, answer her question, cuddle her or reassure her that she would be fine again.

You couldn’t give a specific reason why she should be cut, with her red eyed stare ,sweaty bare body and pity look, you tried to hide your face.

Her sweet body fragrance has gone sour because she was sweating consistently in pain.

With her head bowed down, holding firmly to the Ankara material tied firmly to her cutter’s waist, she was laid firmly on the ground.

In the silence of her heart, she was wondering if she would make it as she heard various conversations in the room.

Her mother was not allowed into the room.Her legs were tied firmly and yet there droplets of blood.

In the next few days she was stinky. The bleeding was uncontrollable .She was unconscious. They sought for solution but none was coming forth.

Her mother tried to raise some funds .She was delayed. No one had a spare money to give her. Alas, she got an aid

Half way to the clinic, popoola’s eye lids were closing in death.Her mother had increased palpitions.She murmured some words to pray but it was too late.

Popoola bowed to death.

FGM/C has no known positive effect but various negative effects.

Keep her whole.