one Girl Child lies many generations
In saving One, you save a million more.

This is for the love of the girl child, a child who isn’t aware of of what she goes through at a tender age
A girl child who doesn’t give consent before the practise is carried out on her
A child who is violated all for old cultural practices/traditions
A girl child who isn’t sure of survival after the practice, a practice that leaves her with future health complications if she survives
A practice that has Zero gain but a 100% pain
A practise which leaves the girl child with unbearable traumas – FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION.
One Practice we all should put to an end in this generation, a campaign for all,mothers,youths,fathers, leaving no one behind.
I frown today against FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION, it has no gain, let’s leave the Girl Child Whole!