Lerin Nicodemus @Lerin_nicodemus is the #frownchallenge winner for the month of 2017 with a total score of 38/50.

We appreciate all who participated through entries, likes, comments, repost and observation in the September Edition of the Frown Challenge. The table below shows the top 7 finalists for this month.

1 lerin_nicodemus 19 16.5 328 6656 2.5 38
2 simplycallmeola 17.75 18.5 79 649 1.2 37.45
3 el_gbadagri 16.75 16.5 34 127 2.7 35.95
4 vwedeodiete 16.75 16.5 117 1916 2.6 35.85
5 the_quidnunc 16 17 71 583 1.2 34.2
6 khaleesi_brainy 16.5 14.25 48 1634 0.3 31.05
7 mummypecuomuahivy 17 11.5 10 61 1.6 30.1


Congratulations to @Lerin_Nicodemus. The spirit of sportsmanship exhibited has been excellent. Our diligent screening process has been a little rigorous due to many unprecedented brilliant entries. Thank you all for participating in September edition of #FrownChallenge. We hope to have more brilliant entries and contestants in the month of October and beyond.

lerin_nicodemus message:

Survivors Tale:
Until today I’ve never felt comfortable enough to share my story.

But I see the campaign on social media working so hard to create awareness and to fix the ill in our society and I’m ready to lend my voice for this purpose.

I was just thirteen when I had my experience with the blade.

Was at the backyard of an old lady’s house, she did give me an injection to numb the pain but for some reason she wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to take effect, probably because there were other girls waiting in line after me.

It was so raw, the feeling of the blade eating into my flesh, and for a few minutes it felt like my world was flashing before my eyes.

Then the pain stopped, I became numb to all that was going on with my body, I just lay there watching her do her thing.

She put herbs on the injury to stop the bleeding but it didn’t, I watched her pass the news of my uncontrollable bleeding to my Mom and watched my mother’s fear grow.

Being her only child, I understood silently why she cried and prayed that I make it through the exercise.
I prayed too.

The next couple of days was all torture and pain for me, no shower for seven days after.

The pain when I tried to ease myself.

The flashes in my head, those last a lifetime. Even when the scar doesn’t hurt anymore.

Even when the pain isn’t so physical.

It scar in your mind tingles for a lifetime

And I’m here to share my story.
To lend my voice to save the girl child.

Nobody deserves to go through this, to live with the constant fears of the long term effects of FGM

We have to come together to put a stop to Female genital cutting.
You and me together.