1. I want to welcome you all to today’s twitter conference to end FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  2. This week, I @chukwubueze_n will be discussing “Patnering with associations & regulatory bodies to end Medicalization of FGM/C” #endcuttinggirls
  3. I will answer your questions on this topic from 6:45pm. Thanks #endcuttinggirls
  4. FGM/C stands for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. #endcuttinggirls
  5. FGM/C is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for nonmedical reasons. #endcuttinggirls
  6. There are four (4) types of female genital mutilation/cutting #endcuttinggirls
  7. Type 1: partial or total removal of the clitoris and/or the prepuce (clitoridectomy). #endcuttinggirls
  8. Type 2: partial or total removal of & clitoris and & labia minora, with or without excision of & labia majora (excision). #endcuttinggirls
  9. Type 3: narrowing of & vaginal orifice with creation of a covering seal by cutting and appositioning & labia minora and/or & labia majora, with or without excision of & clitoris (infibulation). #endcuttinggirls
  10. Type 4: unclassified – all other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes, for example, pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterization. #endcuttinggirls
  11. FGM/C violates & human rights of girls/women, and has immediate and long-term negative effects on their health & general wellbeing. #endcuttinggirls
  12. FGM/C is deeply rooted in tradition and persists as a social norm that is upheld by underlying gender structures and power relations. #endcuttinggirls
  13. FGM/C persists because health professionals like Doctors & Nurses are now replacing traditional cutters. This is “Medicalization of FGM/C”. #endcuttinggirls
  14. Now what is medicalization of FGM? #endcuttinggirls
  15. Medicalization” of FGM refers to situations in which FGM is practiced by any category of health-care provider, whether in a public, private clinic, at home or elsewhere. #endcuttinggirls
  16. Medicalization of FGM/C is proposed by some health professionals to reduce the incidence of its complications. #endcuttinggirls
  17. However medicalization of FGM/C will not reduce the long term complications of FGM. #endcuttinggirls
  18. Since medicalization cannot stop the long term complications of FGM/C it has no benefit what so ever. #endcuttinggirls
  19. Medicalization of FGM/C has no medical indication and thus its performance violates the code of medical ethics. #endcuttinggirls
  20. Please note: medicalization would result in a setback in the global efforts to eradicate this harmful practice. #endcuttinggirls
  21. Let’s say no to medicalization of FGM/C. All we need is total eradication of this act called FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  22. Despite efforts to abandon FGM/C, it is estimated that each year approximately 3 million girls in Africa alone are at risk of being subjected to FGM #endcuttinggirls
  23. Despite global strategy to stop health care providers from performing FGM it is still being performed by health care providers in many parts of the world #endcuttinggirls
  24. FGM/C is physically invasive, emotionally damaging, and is associated with complications that may seriously affect the reproductive health of women #endcuttinggirls
  25. FGM/C violates human right to the highest attainable standard of health and to bodily integrity #endcuttinggirls
  26. WHO, UNICEF, & UNFPA condemned the practice of female genital mutilation by medical professionals in any setting, including hospitals and other health establishments. #endcuttinggirls
  27. Health professionals who support the practice are contravening the medical code of ethics to “do no harm.” #endcuttinggirls
  28. The categories of health-care providers that have been found to carry out FGM include physicians, assistant physicians, clinical officers, nurses, midwives, trained traditional birth attendants (TBAs) #endcuttinggirls
  29. In Nigeria, Medicalization of FGM/C is done mostly by Nurse/midwife; Girls (10.4%) &Women (9.9%) (2013 National Demographic Health Survey) #endcuttinggirls
  30. Stopping medicalization of FGM is an essential component of the holistic, human rights-based approach for the elimination of FGM #endcuttinggirls
  31. Let us see the impact of partnering with regulatory bodies in other to #endcuttinggirls since this is another option people fall to.
  32. In other to prevent medicalization of FGM/C we must try as much as possible to do the following.. #endcuttinggirls
  33. We must sensitize health professionals & remind them of their pledge to “do no harm” to their patients. #endcuttinggirls
  34. To prevent Medicalization of FGM/C, health professionals should resist the pressure from individuals and families to carry out FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  35. Health professionals who perform FGM/C should face professional disciplineand/or legal action. #endcuttinggirls.”
  36. Health professionals should be empowered to serve as role models & advocates in the campaign to end FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls.”
  37. Instead of “Medicalizing FGM/C”, health professional can join our campaign by becoming ROLE MODELS and pledging never to perform FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls.”
  38. Health professional can join our campaign by educating women about the risk of FGM/C in their clinics. #endcuttinggirls.”
  39. Instead of “Medicalizing FGM/C”, health professional can join our campaign by advocating for the FGM/C abandonment in their communities. #endcuttinggirls.”
  40. Health professional can educate their colleagues and report those that perform FGM/C to the authorities. #endcuttinggirls.”
  41. Government should elaborate the topic on Medicalization of FGM/C in the training curriculum for health professional (in and pre-service) #endcuttinggirls.
  42. The VAAP Law should take full implementation on any worker who mutilates our girl child; with this FGM/C will be a thing of the past. #endcuttinggirls
  43. Nigerian Medical Association-NMA sees to it that all members are fully against this act. With this members will also see FGM/C is an act that it is against their practice. #endcuttinggirls
  44. The medicalization of all types of FGM/C should be condemned at national and international levels. #endcuttinggirls
  45. It is the duty of professional bodies and organizations to advise members and all health workers not to undertake FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  46. We need a concerted effort and collaboration of UN agencies, world professional organizations and other medical bodies to help end medicalization of FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  47. In conclusion Medicalization of all forms of FGM/C violates human rights, ethical principles of justice, beneficence and non maleficience and the medical code of ethics. #endcuttinggirls
  48. We MUST, I repeat MUST say NO to Medicalization of FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  49. We have come to the end of our twitter conference. It’s question time. #endcuttinggirls