1: FGM/C is a big threat/tragedy to a woman ‘S reproductive health

2: it’s impact cuts across the present and the future

3: FGMC has immediate and long term complications/Imparts

4: immediate impacts include:

Excessive bleeding. Primary hemorrhage during the operation is unavoidable. This may lead to shock

5: Shock which may arise not only for.  Bleeding but from pain and fear as well

6: Infection and septicaemia from unsterilized instruments predisposing the victim to infections like HIV

7: Urine retention . After FGMc urination may be difficult or impossible due to obstacles urinary canal

8:Injury to adjacent tissue. Due to circumsizer not skilled enough or a victim who struggles or flinches in pain

Long term impacts

9: Kelloid formation-wound infection may involve a garden g of scars this forming kelloids

10: demoid or incision cysts

Cysts are pocket swelling composed of skin and products secreted by skin. It grows at the cut site

11: vulva abscesses infected cysts leads to vulva abscesses

12: Menstrual problems such as distention of the abdomen due to lack of menstrual flow

13: difficult urination due to obstruction of the urinary opening

14: urinary tract infection due to immigration which creates a bridge of skin which obstructs the opening of urinary canal

15:the normal flow of urine is deflected and areas remains constantly met and susceptible to bacterial infection

16:such infection  may spread to the urinary tract affecting the bladder

17:calculus formations from menstrual debris or urinary deposits on the vagina or behind the bridge of the skin created by FGM may calcify

19: forming a kind of stone calculus formations may cause fistulas

20: fistula and incontinence which can lead to Venice vagina fistula or recto vagina fistula

21: chronic pelvic infection

Infibulated women belong to a high risk group for chronic infections of the pelvis

22: FGM and occlusion of the vagina and urinary tract increase the likelihood of infections

23: infertility : infections as a consequence of fgm do irreparable damage to reproductive organs

24: problems at pregnancy and delivery obstructed labour which is dangerous to mother and child

25: Decircumscision and recircumscision complications

26:a woman suffers terrible effects from this

27 psychological fisturbances

28: negative social consequences of FGM may interfere with a girl’s social life

29: medical interventions available for survivors are

30: psychological support from health workers

31: Therapy sessions To Help them build self esteem

32: reparative suggeries

33: reconstructive surgeries.