Tweets on Expanding and sustaining the end FGM/C campaign through existing School Clubs

1. The Sustainability of anti-FGM interventions relies on mainstreaming them into ongoing relevant programmes such as existing school health club #endcuttinggirls

2. Good evening all and welcome to another edition of the UNICEF Nigeria weekly twichat to #endFGM #endcuttinggirls

3. I’m Felxfame Omovie Enisire, your host for today’s conversation to #endFGM #endcuttinggirls

4. Our topic for today is “Expanding and sustaining the end FGM/C campaign through existing School Clubs” #endcuttinggirls

5. Our Emphasis will be on the importance of empowering existing school clubs to integrate FGM/C into their activities, and reporting cases of FGM/C to the authorities #endcuttinggirls

6. This conversation will last for 2hours, I will emphasis on the topic for 1hour 30min #endcuttinggirls

7. While the rest 30min will be used to take questions related to the topic #endcuttinggirls

8. I also have my colleagues online, they will retweet and add supporting tweets to the topic as the conversation flows #endcuttinggirls

9. This conversation will cover FGM/C basic facts, Concepts of mainstreaming, and my experience working with school clubs. #endcuttinggirls

10. Before we move on, let’s first understand what FGM/C is all about #endcuttinggirls

11. FGM/C means Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting #endcuttinggirls

12. FGM/C and other forms of violence based on cultural beliefs and gender norms are widespread. #endcuttinggirls

13. In some settings, cultural traditions include practices which inflict pain and ‘disfigurement’ on children. #endcuttinggirls

14. The term ‘harmful traditional practices’ has been particularly associated with FGM of girls, #endcuttinggirls

15. The term ‘harmful traditional practices’ is most frequently used to refer to FGM/C as it is described in areas where it is practised. #endcuttinggirls

16. According to a recent UNICEF publication at least 200 million girls and women have experienced FGM/C in 30 countries across three continents #endcuttinggirls

17. Girls from very young ages up to their mid or late teens undergo this form of genital excision #endcuttinggirls

18. FGM is seen as a protection of virginity, a beautification process, and in a number of cultures is regarded as an essential precondition of marriage. #endcuttinggirls

19. There are different forms of FGM, some of which involve more radical excisions in the genital area than others. #endcuttinggirls

20. FGM/C comprises all procedures that involve the partial or total removal of … #endcuttinggirls

21. … external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. #endcuttinggirls

22. FGM/C has 4 types, Clitoridectomy; Excision; Infibulation; & Unclassified (e.g. “pressing” the clitoris with hot water) #endcuttinggirls

23. FGM/C has no health benefits, but has immediate & long-term negative effects on the general wellbeing of women. #endcuttinggirls

24. The girl’s legs are normally bound from foot to hip, immobilising her for days to enable scar tissue to form. #endcuttinggirls

24. This form of the operation is endured by 90–98% of Somali girls, usually at the age of 7 or 8 years. #endcuttinggirls

25. Girls and women who have had FGM may have problems that continue through adulthood, including… #endcuttinggirls

26. …difficulties urinating or incontinence, frequent or chronic vaginal, pelvic or urinary infections, menstrual problems. #endcuttinggirls

27. …kidney damage and possible failure, cysts and abscesses, pain when having sex and Infertility #endcuttinggirls

28. To expand and sustain the end FGM/C campaign the use of existing School Clubs is important #endcuttinggirls

29. Note, FGM/C is treated as a harmful traditional practice under Physical and health Education in Secondary school curriculum #endcuttinggirls

30. Mainstreaming FGM/C in existing school club programmes will help sustain the campaign #endcuttinggirls

31. Mainstreaming FGM/C prevention and impact mitigation activities within education sector plans should be a priority in all countries. #endcuttinggirls

32. Mainstreaming involves analysing how FGM/C impacts a sector and determining how the sector should respond based on its comparative advantage. #endcuttinggirls

33. Mainstreaming FGM/C into the education sector will help to shape young people’s attitudes and influence their future behaviour. #endcuttinggirls

34. Mainstreaming ensures that addressing FGM/C becomes an integral part of education sector policies, strategies and actions. #endcuttinggirls

35. Some of the strategies for mainstreaming FGM/C into the education sector include…#endcuttinggirls

35b. Inclusion in the Curriculum: By integrating FGM into formal/non-formal education, the topic is less of a taboo and young people can receive accurate information. #endcuttinggirls

35c. Training of teachers: When teachers are trained they can educate young people and also support those at risk of undergoing or have already undergone FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls

35d. Formation of Anti-FGM/C Clubs: This involves training of students and mobilising them to form a Club that focuses solely on FGM/C activities. #endcuttinggirls

36. Partnering with School Clubs: Training the members of existing school clubs, health, press, debate, etc. to integrate FGM/C education into their regular activities #endcuttinggirls

37. Education sector stakeholders should take the lead on all FGM/C activities in the education sector, including projects implemented by external partners. Endcuttinggirls

38. In Imo State Nigeria, the Young Social media advocates are using Peer Educators Club to tackle #FGM #endcuttinggirls

39. The young social media advocates trained schools from the Club’s Zonal Board on FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

40. The different schools saw the #endFGM campaign as part of their responsibilities #endcuttinggirls

41. Apart from HIV activates they are known for, FGM/C activities also form part of their activity plan every term. #endcuttinggirls

42. The students meet weekly to discuss the activities they carried out in their various schools #endcuttinggirls

43. The schools reports to their Zonal board while the Zonal board reports to the social media advocates #endcuttinggirls

44. During their club meetings, they educate their peers about FGM and share new discoveries they’ve made about the issue #endcuttinggirls

45. Some of their activates includes: class-by-class sensitisation, presentation during moral instruction/Assembly talk #endcuttinggirls

46. Meet Ihuoma Speaking to fellow students on the basic facts of FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

47. Meet Ahamba Best Man Sensitizing Students of Ndegwu Secondary School #endcuttinggirls

48. Meet students of Community Secondary School Orogwe during International day of Zero Tolerance for FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

49. Meet Tonia Ndubueze sharing information about FGM/C with her friends on Facebook #endcuttinggirls

50. Drama, debate and Quiz competitions also form part of their activates during their yearly social functions #endcuttinggirls

50b.Because of the competitive nature of their activities, this motivated them to research & question their parents about the practice #endcuttinggirls

50c. The information they receive from their parents about FGM, are discussed in their meetings for clarification #endcuttinggirls

50d. Members also share how they convinced their parents to see FGM/C as harmful to the girl child and women #endcuttinggirls

51. To achieve a total abandonment of FGM/C, we need to explore this option as we commence sensitisation campaign in schools #endcuttinggirls

52. if we can identify such school clubs in other countries, then build their capacity, we are good to #endFGM in 1 generation. #endcuttinggirls

53. Sustainability of anti-FGM interventions relies on mainstreaming them particularly into relevant government ministerial programmes such health and education. #endcuttinggirls

54. The effectiveness of this was also made evident in Burkina Faso #endcuttinggirls

55. The National Committee has already piloted training for teachers as well as the incorporation of FGM into the natural sciences curriculum within schools. #endcuttinggirls

56. Thanks for reading our tweets, we can take questions now #endcuttinggirls

57. Together we will end FGM/C in this generation #endcuttinggirls