Her tears rend me sore,
Her grim and pains and wail
They hail but she wails
Crying like an hurt bird
The cry of a innocent girl cut.


They cut her to subdue her
To tame her taste, subvert her will
Dilute her femininity, bruise her innocence,

Innocence meant to be defended, secured and protected

The innocence meant to be soothingly pampered.


You don’t cut her because you love her,

when you cut her, you don’t love her.

You love her, so you don’t cut her.

You are not cutting her because you love her,

when you love her you don’t cut her


A daughter like a flower treasured

She shines in charms and beauty and kindness

She makes the home a flowered garden

Circumcision is not for girls and women alike

She has a frame delicate and perfect


Leave her whole, let her thrive
Give her hope, let her grow
To grow, and live and learn and love
To know, be known, and tall she stands
The Girl, a gem and jewel, cared for unhurt.


Composed by: Olu’Seun Esan 2017

– For the Intl day of Zero tolerance to FGM/C