In Nigeria, the UNFPA/UNICEF Joint Programme on FGM/C: Accelerating Change is using a Radio Drama for Social Change. UNICEF, using Radio Drama Serials style, has developed a 13-episode Serial on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) titled “Pim Pim Pim”. This is a 15-minute drama serial that aims to entertain-educate families and stimulate dialogue around FGM/C. It is an exciting and captivating drama that captures the realities in communities where FGM/C if practiced. It is culturally-sensitive, provides more information about FGM/C and also encourages discussion and self-reflection. The Drama unfolds over time, allowing the audience to get involved with the story and listen to the actions/inactions of the characters and the consequences. Every episode of “Pim Pim Pim” seems like a window into the real world and makes you crave for the next episode. Pim Pim Pim has realistic characters and plots that will generate a range of emotions and pull the audience into the story.


Pim Pim Pim is produced by 10 Radio Stations in Southeast (Ebonyi and Imo States) and Southwest Nigeria (Ekiti, Osun and Oyo States). The Radio Stations in in each state are, namely, Ebonyi State (Unity FM 101.5 and Salt FM 98.1); Imo State (Heartland FM 100.5 and Orient FM 94.4); Ekiti (Ekiti Radio FM 91.5 and Progress FM 100.5); Osun (Livingspring FM 104.5 and Orisun FM 89.5) Oyo State (Splash FM105.5 and Amuludun FM 99.1).  The Drama will run from January to March or April 2017, depending on when the Station aired the first episode. “Pim Pim Pim” is produced in English and two Nigerian languages (Igbo & Yoruba) to ensure that no one is left behind.  You can follow our FGM/C Radio Drama Serial, “Pim Pim Pim” on the 10 Radio Stations… Don’t miss any of the 13 episodes!  The schedule is provided below:

  1. HEARTLAND FM 100.5, Imo State, Nigeria: Thursday’s by 3.45pm in English (start 12-01-17)
  2. ORIENT FM 94.4, Imo State, Nigeria: Fri. by 10.45am in Igbo & repeated on Tues. by 7.00pm (start 13-01-17)
  3. UNITY FM 101.5, Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Tues. by 1.45pm in English & repeated on Thurs by 1.00pm (start 17-01-17)
  4. SALT FM 98.1, Ebonyi State, Nigeria: Sat. by 11.00am in Igbo & repeated on Wed. by 5pm (started 7-1-17)
  5. SPLASH FM105.5, Oyo State, Nigeria: Saturday’s by 3.00pm in English (starts 14-01-17)
  6. AMULUDUN FM 99.1, Oyo State, Nigeria: Thursday’s by 6.15pm in Yoruba (start 12-01-17)
  7. LIVINGSPRING FM 104.5, Osun State, Nigeria: Tuesday’s by 3.45pm in English (started 10-01-17)
  8. ORISUN FM 89.5, Osun State, Nigeria: Thursday’s by 6.00pm in Yoruba (start 12-01-17)
  9. EKITI RADIO FM 91.5, Ekiti State, Nigeria: Friday’s by 11.45am in English (started 6-01-17)
  10. PROGRESS FM 100.5, Ekiti State, Nigeria: Thursday’s by 6.15pm in Yoruba (start 12-01-17)


Throughout the 13 weeks broadcast, there will be on-going monitoring and evaluation on the perception of Pim Pim Pim and its impact. You can provide your feedback by sending an email to or send an SMS (Text message) to +234-817-333-0586.  We are expecting your email or SMS.


Pim Pim Pim is produced by the 10 Radio Stations with support from Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development and UNICEF.

For more details on the Schedules for the 10 Radio Stations Click Here