Held in captivity and tied with the trust she had in you

Trapped in between your legs with no show of love

You feigned passion yet you watch on

You watch on while she is getting cut for no just cause

Her cries piercing my heart.

My heart, her cries puncture

The pain of seeing her writhe in pain breaks me

Her cry for help, a must heed

Her yearnings for love, one too loud to ignore

Her cry pierces my heart.

Leading her to the slaughter house

Tying her like a ram for the next festival

Oh! It is a festival but

For what cause is the cut?

Her cries pierce my heart.

Emerging from the pool of her own blood

All because you lied to her about cleanliness

Look at her again and claim you love her

Tell her you cut her for no just cause

That her cries may pierce the peace in your heart.